Welcome To my NFL Football Pool

This is just a site to have fun and really get into NFL football. I think it is fun to try and pick the winners of every game week by week. This is a good place to see how much you really know about the teams in the NFL, and also just how lucky you are.


Pool Features

  • Easy, online sign up for players.
  • Password-protected access for users.
  • Entries may be made for weeks in advance.
  • Players can play straight Pick 'Em, Weighted, or Survivor pools.
  • Players can view their pick history.
  • Picks are automatically locked based on the scheduled start times of games.
  • Quick Picks allow users to make all picks with the click of one button.
  • Quick Picks automatically fill in blank picks based on how the user ranks each team.
  • Players may edit or delete their entries at any time (provided they have not been locked).
  • Game day scores page provides up to the minute status on all games currently in progress.
  • Results are automatically updated as soon as game scores are marked final on game day scores page.
  • Players may update their profiles to provide contact information for the Administrator.
  • Players may choose to receive email notifications for different types of updates (pick reminders, scheduling changes, Tuesday recap, etc.).
  • Displays current division and conference standings on team standings page.
  • News page contains headlines from CBS Sportsline, ESPN, FoxSports, Yahoo!, & more...
  • Provides overall player statistics, top scores, weighted scores, & percentages.
  • Over all and Weekly Winners.
  • Includes weekly schedules.
  • Includes a pool covering the playoffs.

If you would like to make picks, register yourself providing a username and email address.

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